12 Aug 2003 - New designs are in!
Four new designs on the website: UNiX, Baby Geek, Save a Filesystem and Nice Boot Prompt... Go on and get some...

7 Aug 2003 - Back from DefCon - mts
Welp, we're back and we're alive, believe it or not from the lack of news on this page. We release four new designs this year, which should be making it onto the webpage here shortly. The four new designs were very well received (judging by the fact that one did, and the other three almost, sold out.) We'll be putting these designs, and a few old designs that never made it to the web page (eg: Baby Geek) on the site very shortly.

In addition to the new designs available here soon, Halibut Stuff is also planning a few new things for this year. The environment has changed pretty drastically over the past couple years, and we're going to have to make a few changes to the way we do things if we don't want to close our doors. Don't worry, these will all be good things for everyone involved. More on this later.

6 Aug 2002 - Partnership with Ninja Gear -mts
Ninja Gear and Halibut Stuff have joined forces in a way. Now, you'll be able to buy all your cool Halibut Stuff swag at the Ninja Gear Booth at DefCons to come (yeah, yeah, I know, we should've told you this BEFORE DefCon this year....) and Ninja Gear swag will be available from Halibut Stuff on the net year-round. (It won't look like it, but it really is our system.) This partnership allows everyone involved to do more of what they want to do and less of what they don't want to do. It's turning out to be a Win-Win for everyone involved, and we get the benefits of economy of scale when it comes to quality and price of shirts.

Enough of me babbling. Check out Ninja Gear's Cool Swag.

4 Aug 2002 - Back from DefCon -mts
Welp, we made it back from DefCon alive with some great pictures and possibly some new business deal which we'll talk about later. Props to everyone at DefCon for making this the best DefCon EVER. It was friggin' cool.

12 Feb 2002 - We now accept American Express and Discover -mts
With the new Credit Card processing system we've put in place, we now accept American Express and Discover Card. This is great news for everyone who's been declined for no apparent reason what-so-ever! :)

12 Feb 2002 - Credit Card Processing Fixed -mts
The Credit Card Processing Woes(tm) are under control now. All orders should be flowing automatically again. Thanks to everyone for their patience through this.

19 Dec 2001 - Technical Difficulties -mts
Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, credit card processing is currently being done manually. I expect to have this problem fixed within a month. In the mean time, you can still place orders. The shopping cart will tell you that it worked and that your shirt is on its way, but in reality, it's just notified us that you've placed an order. At this point, we process the card manually and send you an email with the real results.

We appricate your patience in this. When we come back on-line, it'll be better than ever, I assure you. :)

17 Dec 2001 - New Designs! -mts
We've got three new designs on their way. The artwork has been sent to the printers for two of them already, and I'm finalizing the artwork on the third right now.

You'll be able to get these new designs on the website within the next month, or you can come by our booth at DefCon and pick one up there.

We've returned to our "Raver Shirts for Geeks" roots on two of these new designs. We think y'all will like 'em.

8.4.2000 - The shopping cart is secure! -mts
I've gotten a number of comments on the shopping cart not being secure, and "how could a group of so-called geeks, like ourselves, produce such a shitty web page that doesn't protect our clients' privacy!" Well, if you look closely, the links to the CGI are all "https://" links. You can even right click on the shopping cart (and, more importantly, the pages that ask you for CC info) and view source to see the

tags go to "https://" links.. You can even view the "security information" on these pages. They really are secure.

The issue is that not everything on the page is secure; the frame sets, the T-Shirt viewing side, the navigation bar at the top, all that is still on the insecure site. Only the shopping cart is on the secure site. Browsers (correctly, IMHO) do not display the little Lock Icon in the lower left of the screen unless every frame is secure.

Yes, we're working on this. I know it's a Bad Thing(tm). I'm not an HTML coder; what do you want from my life? And our Web Dog has been very busy.. ..which also explains why we don't have the new designs on the page yet either. If you went to DefCon and want one of the new designs, send an Email to stuff@halibut.com with what size, quantity and design you want, and a "secure" method of getting ahold of you for CC info and we'll send one out... ...or, you can just wait until the new designs go up..

Thank you all for your patience.